I don't know if I've mentioned this lately but I love Scott Pilgrim. It's totally awesome and something you completely relate too... well partly. Hahah And now they've made a movie.


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Ugggggh Michael Cera again?? Fuuu. I didn't like him in school and I don't like him now. D: D: D:

Having said that, the movie does look pretty good! :3

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In school? You knew him? o.O

Also, yeah, I don't think he makes a great Scott but I'll withhold judgment until I see the movie.

It's a great series. Hopefully the movie does it justice. The trailer looks awesome. =)

From: [identity profile] leira.livejournal.com

Yeah he went to the same elementary school as me and was in a split class with me. (He's a year younger than me.) I wish I could find the class photo but knowing my luck he was probably absent that day. 9_9

Yeah the trailer looks pretty good! I want to see it, but I'm kind of worried that he's playing the same character he does in every movie since Juno (at least). I haven't heard of the series before so at least he can't "ruin" it for me.

From: [identity profile] yami-chan.livejournal.com

Oh interesting. You know a celebrity! Sort of. XD

Too true. But I hope he doesn't ruin the series so much for you that you never read the books given the chance. They're a great little graphic novel series, written and set in Canada with a cool manga feel to it. =)*stops selling the books now*


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