I remember a few years ago I hated drinking. Well not hated, but I wasn't a huge fan of it. I rarely went drinking and when I did, I drank little. Getting drunk was not something I was fond of. I was a bit prudish about it actually.

Now, oh man, do I drink. Though I've never blacked out. I think that's an achievement. =)

From: [identity profile] terrykun.livejournal.com

As you probably noticed last time we went out to dinner, I do like getting my drink on, as long as it's tasty stuff.

Just so far as near home goes, I've always found myself either without the disposable income, or without anyone to go out with. :(

Another reason you need to move here.

From: [identity profile] so-severus.livejournal.com

I love to drink. I blacked out a couple times in college and vow to not get *that* drunk again!


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