Dude, I'm shipping Fang/Vanille real hard. Oh man.

Also, shipping Sahz/Vanille (>.>) and Fang/Light. Fang/Snow also piques my interest but that's mostly visual. Light/Hope will be cute when Hope's a little older. The age difference thing doesn't necessarily bother me. I'd just like him to be a bit older so it's not skeevy. Hopefully he won't like 14 like Serah forever. x.x

So in conclusion, I ship almost everyone in FF13. LOL!

Also, yay! Yaag's back. I don't even know why I like him so much?!

In other news, I saw the G4 trailer for Final Fantasy 14. It looks really pretty. I wanted to play it instantly! Then I realized it was an online game. Fuuuck that.

Hahahah I'm such an antisocial gamer.
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From: [personal profile] sincere

I'm not 100% sold on Fang/Vanille, which just goes to show you that you can present me with the gayest contexts in the world and I'll be iffy unless they actually fricking interact. They spent the whole game not anywhere near each other and I haven't had them together for long enough to see how they actually are together, mrr.

I could definitely allow Sazh/Vanille. I like Fang/Light, and even (although I was initially shocked at the quasi-spiritual-incest when I discovered people shipped it) Light/Hope (people ship this because she doesn't have much viable alternative). Vanille/Hope can stay. I also admit to some interest in Snow/Light, although I like Snow/Serah.

...it was completely not occurring to me at first, but if I think about it, I think I'd like Sazh/Lightning...

So yeah, let's ship everyone! \o\

From: [identity profile] yami-chan.livejournal.com

...which just goes to show you that you can present me with the gayest contexts in the world and I'll be iffy unless they actually fricking interact.

I agree with this entirely. I'm perfectly aware that the only reason I ship it is because they've been crying for each forever now and they got all touchy when they met. *is a shameless fangirl* So yeah, Vanille/Sazh actually trumps F/V in regards to actual interaction content and adorableness.

In regards to L/H, I fought it. It's exactly what you called it, quasi-spiritual incest and their relationship is not about romance. At least it's not now. But I do see a relationship that is deep and will become deeper as they grow older and change. It may or may not develop into anything romantic. I'd actually be interested to see that touched upon (in good fan fiction). Just see how Hope's feelings for Light change as he grows older.

You know, you're right about Light not having a viable alternative. And I've got to say, I'm so okay with that. Too much romance-with-the-lead in my FF games. Fanon speculation is so much more enjoyable anyway With that said though, Sazh/Light would be interesting.

Yay for shipping everyone!
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From: [personal profile] sincere

I liked the part where the moment they reunited there was hugging, and then Fang turns her around and flips her skirt up, and Hope and Snow are just like "AHEM. *spontaneously decides they should be looking elsewhere*" That's a perfectly healthy reaction, gentlemen.

After some consideration when I first came across the idea (I saw pairing icons and fanart) I have decided I'm pretty much in agreement with you. When he grows up, his admiration could evolve, and that'd be kind of cute, even. But I'm unexpectedly digging the Sazh/Light. I shall pioneer this pairing!

From: [identity profile] yami-chan.livejournal.com

Yes, Snow and Hope's reaction to the girls reunion was perfect. I gotta say I'm enjoying the game a whole lot more now that the despair has been mostly dealt with.

I shall pioneer this pairing!

Please do! If I ever had to time bother with fandom, I'd be right there with you! =)

From: [identity profile] terrykun.livejournal.com

Then I realized it was an online game. Fuuuck that.

You should have heard Amanda's reaction when I told her Diablo III had done away with single-player modes.
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From: [personal profile] sincere

As someone playing World of Warcraft (again) I don't really have cause to complain... It depends on a couple of factors for me (is it on a platform where I can play online easily, unlike FFXI when it came out? is it going to punish me for not having played FFXI?)

But if those factors align, I might cave, in which case I'll play with you guys there if you also cave.

.........but, for the record, I resent having an MMO instead of an actual Final Fantasy game.

From: [identity profile] yami-chan.livejournal.com

Those are all very, very good question. I'd assume, it'd continue following the FF tradition of making each game its own little separate universe. 'Cause I mean, logically speaking (and I know companies aren't exactly known for their logic), if it were connected to the XI world, wouldn't that make it an expansion pack and not it's own game?

I just don't understand why they must these online games be part of the numerical main games. I'm not sure what to call them. Anyway, I'm pretty sure that if you call it FF Online it shall sell just as well as calling it FFXVI Online. It's not like there haven't been FF games that weren't number. Tactics was is a well loved game!
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From: [personal profile] sincere

I heard that they will be doing something to connect FFXI and FFXIV, although there weren't details. Special items? Copying over characters? So I'm just like, "Are you going to reward them so much for having played FFXI that I feel punished? Because fuck you if so." I personally agree that if it's going to be related it should just be a damn expansion.

EXACTLY. When I hear Final Fantasy XIV I want to be excited for a new game that will have new characters, a grand plot, an incredible new world, interesting relationships-- the things I think of when I think of a Final Fantasy game. I don't want an MMO. I was so crushed when I heard "We're working on FFXIV!" "By the way, it's an MMO!" Ugh.


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