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Yes, I do. And if we're lucky, we won't meeting each other anytime soon. I don't say this because I'm xenophobic or anything, far from it. I'd love to meet people from other worlds. I'd just rather not have to introduce them to my xenophobic, backwards extended "family". >.>

But really, we haven't figured out how to get along with each other yet. How are we going to get along with a completely different species?

From: [identity profile] so-severus.livejournal.com

Me too!

I feel like there must be something out there but I am afraid that certain people might start crazy intergalactic war or something. :x

From: [identity profile] yami-chan.livejournal.com

Exactly. It's best the aliens stay far away form this planet until we, as a people, grow the hell up.


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